Sunday, January 16, 2011


When I play with the horses between workshifts, it is such a good break. I don't have long and have to keep an eye on the time so I can hustle back. Today was especially nice because I went on a trial ride with Misty.

I rode Misty around the property and over to the neighbors’ properties. We ran to the South, speed trotted back to the North, cantered down the lane to the field, stopped for a bite, checked out the wheel barrow, walked in the field. Then we stopped for a bit to eat. She spooked suddenly and I went in the opposite direction and onto the poof of snow. It was very slow and soft :D. Behind us, the neighbor horses were winging around their pasture--the commotion must have startled Misty. She did not go anywhere, but she was on adrenaline. I hopped back on after appraising her and we went sideways for 50’ to get her thinking again. It was an excellent quality maneuver. Then we walked, jogged, cantered on the way home down the paved way (Yikes! :D), ran back to the North, again where I dismounted and walked her home. She did something new, today, too: she pawed to get some grass. I was using my foot to clear grass for her. Then, when she cleared an area, she gently pawed a few times :D. Good job!

Off to work!!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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