Monday, January 10, 2011

High Traffic

ORI: Misty, 45 minutes, evening, 1/10/11

Misty and I went down the road about an 1/4 of a mile and then came back to the farm. I would like to try and do this every day for a week and see how much better she gets with the road. Hopefully, over the weekend we can go all the way to my house (1/2 mile from farm). Misty we not bad on the roads. She was keyed up a bit, but she was not flying off the handle. She was trying to match my relaxed demeanor. I would walk a bit fast and then she would mirror me as I slowed down. It was really nice to watch her try so hard to do what I was doing. I let her stop and eat a lot, which definitely helped her. I also gave her plenty of line and just blocked her from walking in the road if I needed to. On the way home, we crossed out of a corn field and down into a shallow ditch. There was fallen tree trunk about three feet in diameter. As I stepped onto it, she went over it. She stood up and her body was doing exactly what I was doing. It almost felt like I was riding her because she went over as slowly as I did. No qualms, very athletic. She had another shining moment when she responded to pressure properly as a giant, noisy, flapping red rig went by. Then we grazed between the neighbor’s and our pasture. After I let her go, I did about 5 minutes of liberty with her because she wanted to.

I was in a real good place, tonight, within, that is. The entire time I was with Misty, I was in a state of easy-going euphoria. My favorite part of tonight was the fallen log. We had so much synchronicity in that feat and it felt beautiful.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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