Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Blue Sky: This is a Snow Day

Today (February 2), I have a snow day and have 7 blog posts from the 13th to the 21st of January to update. I started out the song "Mr. Blue Sky." It's is Blu's theme song. As I sat in my chair re-immersing myself in the feelings and memories of this particular session, I remembered the pain I was in that day. Even when I had success, I felt unsure of myself--or rather, like somewhere in the corners of my heart I was still disappointed in myself. Then this song popped into my head and I found it on youtube. After dancing around the house with my laptop, I feel super human and am ready to reach back to the feelings of that day and share with you how it went:

It was the day after my lesson with Meggie. I 'd felt pretty crappy after that lesson, and by crappy, I mean disillusioned and lost. I got Blu out. I had him in the drive way. I yielded his hindquarters, which he lifted his head defensively. I stopped when he relaxed. Then I gave him a hug, took off his halter, and cried on his shoulder for a while. I was trying to reach him and tell him what was up with me. I was completely honest and told him all the things I was feeling.

He waited, and then walked off to the garden patio with purpose in his go. I sighed and wiped my tears away. I thought for a moment, then went to get him. He was fine putting the halter back on and I let him graze a bit longer. Then it was back to the driveway.

We had a horrible time of some circling game. I was beginning to panic and lose faith in myself. Then I got very calm and began to do the falling leaf pattern. As we went along, I began to get very confident--and I even smiled. Blu began to get very snappy yields, relaxation, and respect. When we were done with, we were both out of breath, but I felt like a curtain had been pulled back or the proverbial weight was lifted from my shoulders. As previously stated, I did not feel miracle-Jesus healed; there were still splotches of inky pain. But I remember feeling happy about that pain.

Hard times like this one are necessary. Without these tests, you don't grow. That is what makes these journeys real. Sometimes, I put my foot in a hold and it crumbles as I put my weight on it. Dealing with hanging off the cliff face by my pinky is just part of getting to the top.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

n Line, 45 mins) Ended Well. A falling leaf sort of deal until relaxation set in.

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