Thursday, March 3, 2011

Filling Holes

Blu had some things to say with his teeth during his massage, today. It was when I was on the left side of his neck and when I was loosening his fetlock on the left side. I did the same passive catch the head and hold it until he wanted to straighten up again. I drove his forequarters around because afterward, he was getting dominant nibbly.
He followed me to with slack in the line to the round pen, but he was not yielding his HQ all the way. When I go to correct him, he gets nervous as he does so.
The footing is HORRIBLE in the round pen. It’s that 4’’ snow that is frozen hard so your feet punch holes into it. It is super unstable and quite a work out to play in! I can’t wait for spring :D
I brought a barrel in and played the friendly game with it. Then we stood together for a while. I played stick to me on the fence. He was not very responsive at first. I backed him up with the porcupine on his nose and he did not evade in any manner!
I took the halter off by backing him up with the halter untied until it fell off. He was connected for a moment, but not coming back (I knew this would occur because on line his yoyo was hesitant on the way in).
I played the catching game and he went around for two laps before he really connected back to me and stuck with me. I stood with him for a bit then played the porcupine game. His lead by the ears was perfect. His lead by the legs on the back and front took a moment and were not very soft, today.
I sent him out on a circle to the left. I let him go at his own pace. He stopped at poop and went off when I turned to look at him. He did the same at a tarp on the ground. At the barrel, he kept going, instead of stopping at it. When he came by me, I tilted my head to yield him and he came right in and trotted to me when I backed up. I decided that this was a great place to end the day . . . it doesn’t sound like much, but I am busy filling holes with him, so tomorrow will be better :D

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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