Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grass for Three

Ginger, Misty, and Blu were locked in the barn to keep Ginger and Misty out of the rain. Ginger was having a fit even with Blu and Misty, though. Blu was just there to be good company. I wanted to take Blu and Misty out for a grazing walk since we had such an intense day yesterday. But I could not leave Ginger behind . . . I had to take all three horses . . . fresh out of the barn.

Ginger was the real problem horse. Blu was a bit naughty. Misty was very sensitive, but trying to be the good one. Ginger was out front doing fantastic things like kicking back and rearing. Blu was a bit behind me, occasionally picking on Misty. Misty was next to me, tossing her head in defense when I would wiggle Ginger's line (Ginger and Blu were in one hand, Misty was in the other).

From my observations, I wanted to have Ginger stay in line with us better, Blu keep up with me so he was not doing naughty things behind my back, and for Misty to be less reactive. All three horses enjoyed a quiet graze. When I picked them all up again, I put them in line and made a point to keep Ginger and Blu in place. Ginger was much better, Blu was more attentive to me and kept up, and Misty was more confident. I put Misty in the pasture while holding Ginger and Blu. She turned, faced, and waited when I put her out in the pasture, then she got some cookies and followed us down the fence until we got to Connor (there he shooed her away).

I put Blu out and he was nice and soft. For Ginger, I played the squeeze game in and out the door until she went through calmly. Then I took the halter off and yielded her hindquarters as I drew her head toward me.

It was a relaxing and yet learning afternoon.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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