Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green with Envy

Winter is trying to make a comeback, but I don't mind. We have had a 70 degree day, so spring is firmly rooted in my heart. I know that this snow will go away. In the meantime, I needed to put the horses in the barn. I decided to ride Misty bridleless while I did that.

Misty met me and I put her string around her neck. I led her into the corn crib and she offered me her back (left side) when I stood on the pedestal/platform thing in there. Then I asked her to go and found out that she was not actually planning on leaving the corn crib. Oh!

It started sleeting then it REALLY started sleeting. Suddenly, it dawned on me that this was the perfect simulation for what she does at the gate during speed shows. Only here, I had all the time in the world to show her that I would not push her over the cliff. I used approach and retreat and all the time she needed.

After about 30 minutes, I had a BFO--I should be practicing using lighter cues! So, I tried to never touch the string around her neck. Instead, I used her mane or my fingers. She was backing with just a change in posture and if I asked her to step forward, it became automatic for her to show me her threshold by not walking forward but putting her head down. Her porcupine game is AWESOME! We finally got one foot outside the threshold and a retreat. After a bit longer, we got two and an immediate retreat.

Then Connor left the corncrib and Misty followed him right out when I asked her to. Gosh, that is what I want! I am so envious of Connor and the trust Misty has in him. I have a really good picture in my head of how I want Misty to be with me and I know exactly how she feels when she is trusting, so thank you Connor; you inspire me.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

Natural Horsemanship

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