Saturday, April 23, 2011

Painting Pony: Second Time Painting

Blu took 5 minutes of provocative peek-a-boo to lure him through the muck and to the barn. Very cool.

Today was our second session painting with paint. We had a cool thing happen in the garage. He was a little tense and I waited, but even when he sighed, he was still not totally LB. I had him wait outside the doorway while I unwrapped candies (I had run out during painting and needed more :D). He heard the wrappers and perked up and suddenly got super curious, stretching his neck in, and pretty soon was just like he would be if we were outside unwrapping candies.

I sat with him while he grazed and also worked with water crossing with puddles in the driveway. I used reverse psychology to have him go sideways and "NOT put his hooves in the water in front of him!" That worked pretty nicely.

I really like his painting after today’s session.

After our painting session, I took Blu on a walk. Motor cycles scared him, but we got him back to an LB state and he didn’t spook at any of the other cars.

I used transitions to get him off adrenaline then I used transitions to see just how much he could read of my body language to make the smallest gait changes between the walk and trot. Cool.

On the way home, he came sideways to a fence post so I could ride him through the giant, deep puddle.

Walking home, he was great on the road—I had dismounted and was walking with him.

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