Monday, April 11, 2011

Rope Burns and Learn Burns

Misty came right to the gate! We chilled in the barn for a bit while I figured out what the plan was. After saddling her up, we went to the pasture. I braided her hair and she really seemed to enjoy that. We did the weave with slightest/lightest body language in the shoulders. Circling game with change of direction and transitions.

Misty came sideways to me as soon as I stepped onto the fence. Tonight, she was really defensive and a few times unnecessarily went after Blu, causing him to shut down his forward movement in the weave pattern. She was really going too fast for Blu when we were working on the canter. Blu fell behind and the rope got caught under her tail. The end of the story was a rope burn under her tail after about 30 seconds of spinning around with Blu dragging behind. We went on a trail ride to relax and she really did enjoy that.

Blu was not wanting to come out of his run-in today because it was so mucky outside of it. He was very accommodating for haltering, he just did not want to come out of his stall! He was really nice for the weave, relaxing and catching up with us. He got shut down on the center cone a few times when Misty cut him too close, so I got careful to give him plenty of room. He had trouble keeping up with Misty when we cantered around the pasture. He was super calm (albeit confused) when Misty got the rope caught under her tail. On the trail ride, he was pushing her off the trail, so I fixed that. I also worked on asking to graze. He is so cute!

In Ginger’s stall, I tended to Misty’s rope burn then sat with her and gave her cookies. She was superb. Poor kid.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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