Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three Horses at Liberty

I took Misty out of her stall to put her out. I did not have a line, just a finger through the halter loop. I had her go sideways around the trailer, then sideways toward me around the trailer. I played with her at liberty in the pasture and put a blanket on her because she was shaking so badly.

I worked on relaxing when I poked his neck. Special things to remember about how got him into the round pen. With Ginger and Misty, he was VERY quick to stop and eat and had the lowest quality draw. When I had the three horses in front of me, I was having them all go sideways and I found out that the best way to get that to work was to have Blu on the end pushing the girls sideways. They did a pretty awesome job.

When the girls left, I played with a barrel, and the circling game, with drawing repairs and grazing breaks sprinkled in.

One REALLY cool thing that happened. I had him come in close and sat down and he continued on. I also tried the hindquarter yield in motion. At first, he thought my lifting hand meant go faster, but I just played with it and stayed focused. He GOT it! I let him come in closer, but he GOT IT! He was a little emotional, but I was stoked that it worked.

Misty had good draw in the round pen. She was emotional, but good draw. She was great with the sideways in a line. On the circle, she would stop with Blu.

Ginger has AMAZING draw. If she has a question or concern, she comes straight in. I measured my success with her by when she was able to graze. Food is way down on the priority list for Ginger, so for her to eat, the stars need to align. She was very worried about being on the circle with the other two, but she soon relaxed. She is so obedient, it gave me a picture to aim for with Blu. For the sideways, she was super. When I yoyoed them out and in, she was great both ways. I feel like she is more of a right-brained introvert—she has that wall flower air going on. However, she is on the cusp and I respect Maggie’s assertion that she is a RBE.

I loved playing with Ginger! It is a totally new perspective. I can also see how it would be really easy to think that you are having success with your rbi because she is being so obedient, but is actually concerned and worried.

Some real interesting things. In the end, I figured out how to get us straightened out with a cloverleaf patterns. Did my massages before hand.

I sat with him while he grazed. I also gently picked the mud packs off his elbow by breaking them up. It was time consuming, but much less painful than plucking them out. He followed me around fine. I noticed that he had such a lightness when I asked him to pick his head from the grass.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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