Sunday, April 10, 2011

First 80 Degree Day of the Year

What a beautiful day! I had to work all day, but in between shifts, I played with my horses. I ate lunch during undemanding time with my mare; Misty did not want to come up front. She started to once then just stayed out in the pasture. . . how interesting!

I enjoyed grooming Blu and I washed his mane (it’s 80 degrees F today!). It was so white and shiny.

We drove with the surcingle and featherlines through a weave pattern. I worked with him on following a particular track of the pattern and going precisely through the center of the cones. He was cutting in too close to the cones sometimes.

Bridleless, we checked out how he was outside and decided to go back to the pasture to get him thinking with me; he was a little spooky. We did the weave pattern at the jog and Blu was great. He was really bending around the cones with his whole body. One unexpected element to spice things up at the end: we cantered off the weave to the middle of the pasture and stopped at a cone out there. We were ready for a trail ride.

Blu really spooked at Ellie under the tree, but then was calm after he got to talk to her. I was fine because I saw Ellie before he did and I was attentive to his body.

It may have been our first bridleless trail ride. We went through the foot deep water. He was so easy going. Fun, warm time!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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