Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coggins Clinic

Misty is usually very bad about trailer loading. There was a time when I could just point and shoot and she’d go in. It’s something that has to do with showing and is a long story. I have not played with the trailer at all, either (tsk tsk). So, it was time to load her up to take her to have coggins pulled. She had been tied up for 10 minutes already.

I noticed some major changes in her compared to last year: she did not have diarrhea. Last year, when I came out with her shipping wraps to work on the friendly game with the trailer without the trailer, she instantly had loose stool. This morning, she was nervous, but she never even pooped at the vet’s, and in the trailer, it was all solid.

To load her, I walked her to the trailer, and sat right in the middle of the door way so she could not get in. That seemed to instantly change her. I gave her a few minutes like that. When I asked her to get in, I just kept her head straight. I let her go backwards or forwards, but she had to keep her head straight. She went back and forth, all the way in, all the way out, a toe in, two, jump out . . . I just let her do that until she could go in and stand in front (it’s a four horse with two straight loads in front and two behind).

I was really pleased with her and I was glad it only took a five or ten minutes, though I was prepared for any amount of time. I was also happy with myself for how calm I stayed.

Misty was good for the vet. She goes in with Blu for a float in June.

Blu went up to the vet’s to get his coggins pulled with the other horses. He went right into the trailer. This kid goes backwards into the trailer—of COURSE he goes forward in! He did swing around to bite the vet when she poked him on the right side. He is usually perfect for the vet, but I think his neck is sore on that side. He’s had three days off of heavy playing. I will make sure to do plenty of TTouches for him on that side and his neck massages.

I have to give him his strangles vaccine myself in a few weeks. It goes in a pipette up the nose, so I will be playing friendly game with his nose to get him ready for that.

I bought a first aid kit from my vet. It was exciting, because it is a part of my fast track trip coming to life.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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