Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blu's New Skill and Not Feeling Ill

The weather was gorgeous, but I was SO ill today. I took some pain killers and finally started feeling well enough to go play with Maggie. Maggie was having a great time playing with Ginger. Blu looked up and came to me through the muck when I called. I got the trash bin up with him, grazed, then played the circling game with HQ yields in motion in both directions. He did a nice job of that, but I would like them to get a little bit better before the trot.
Then Maggie videotaped Blu backing into the trailer. It took him 54 seconds.VIDEO

We went on a trail ride (Maggie on Ginger, too). We rode back to see Lady and Moses (neighbor equids), ran through the water, rode through the overflow of the pond, and Blu rode down the road, totally chill.

Blu, Ginger, Misty, Maggie, and I were in the dog pen. I groomed my horses and chatted with Maggie.

Misty got to come in and graze with us. I groomed her and also put gel on her burns. She was really good for that. Later, I frog leaped onto her :D while she grazed. She was very accepting of that.

I took a video of Maggie playing with Ginger. Maggie loves her horse, and it makes me so happy to be with those two.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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