Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blu in the Snaffle

30 minutes

I had an excellent horse day. I played with Blu with the halter and 23' line, but I had a headstall with a snaffle on him so he could get comfortable in it. He hardly messed with it at all, and messing with the bit is a huge part of his MO. I think I am on to something. Next time I ride, I am riding in the Natural Hackamore with the headstall on with the snaffle. I had a ramp set up and played with that. He did not want to step on it first, but of course it did not take long to build up his confidence so he could. He is such a cutey. We did not do anything jaw dropping to an audience, but I made some huge personal progress.

I spent most of my time helping Bridget. She is learning how to ride in the saddle. She really does not like how restrictive it is, but I told her it was good that she was so comfy bareback (that is how she learned to ride).

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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