Friday, April 23, 2010

Why I Feel Happy

Blu is the most loving horse. He comes to me and puts his head in my arms to snuggle. He speaks to me. He is a communicative horse. I don’t mean he nickers or calls, he just makes an effort to tell me things all the time. He says “Itch my butt,” he says, “I want you to come over here and play with me.” He tells me other things, and Misty does not, usually. Or at least she does not make such a big effort. She is a challenging horse. She much prefers other horses (specifically her boyfriend) to people, whereas Blu would move into my house if I let him. I am not saying he’s my favorite, it is just one of my favorite things about him. Misty has certain things that are special, but tonight, I am focusing my attention on adoring Blu.

I started out playing with Misty at liberty. She was making huge efforts to do what I asked from 50’ away. Ok, huge for her considering how she has been lately. I going to try and do most of my play at liberty in the pasture for a while as that seems to help build her trust in me. Someday, I will explain to you all why Misty and I have a fallout every spring/summer.

Well, Misty was pushing the ball and putting effort into it, so I let her eat her hay and went over and called Blu away from my mom who was itching him (he is itchy). Get this, he left her! He was practically in heaven. I was surprised. I played with Blu and ended with asking him to back into the trailer. This was session one, so I stopped when he confidently yoyoed straight back to it and until his legs touched the edge. Everyone should get to know a horse like Blu.

So, that was the most important part of my day.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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