Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sleepy Student

So, we went out to lunch after my class (my gramma, mom, and I). Very yummy. Then my mom dropped Gramma and I off at the farm where I did a few household chores for Gramma and then went out to play with Misty.

I took her to the round pen where I fell asleep, so I don't know what she did for that hour and half. Then we went out to graze and I trimmed her feet. The whole thing was about 3 hours long. When my mom got back from work, the neighbor pulled in and said "I just had surgery on my shoulder so I can't lift my saddle onto Lady. Could you run up and saddle her for me? I think I want to go out and ride. I tried to saddle her up myself, but I couldn't lift the saddle." Ok, let me giver the low-down on this guy. He has owned horses for many years, but he still does not know anything about them. Their feet are always in need of attention and his donkey extremely obese while his horse is just obese. I said sure and tied Misty up. I figured it would be a good time to let her stand tied for 10 minutes and today I would leave her for 20 and so on. I told my mom to leave her there so she could start to learn patience when tied. I got out to the stable and Lady was out in the pasture grazing. Ok. I had assumed that Lady would be tied up already, but that's ok. Lady got curious about me pretty quick. But I noticed that she was very attached to the miniature donkey. When he moved away, she began nickering and walking after him like a mama after her foal. When I realized that the donkey was very untrusting and that it wouldn't matter if Lady wanted to come to me, I decided to call my mom up and let her know she could leave and untie Misty.

My conversation with "Moses" began with a mirror me. Once he was to the point that I could approach him, I was able to touch Lady. She was so nervous that I could not go up to her head still, so I decided to move them to the smaller pen. I gently drove the three (there is a goat in the mix, too) up to the front pen. There, the donkey began following me around and enjoying me scratching him in all the spots he is too fat to reach. Lady finally relaxed and it was pretty easy from there because she relaxed a lot. The whole thing took an hour and a half, though.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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