Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Neighbor Lady

I went out to check on Lady to make sure she had been taken care of properly and she came to the fence nickering. She is fine--besides the aforementioned ailments.

When I came back, Blu was laying down in the hay pile. I went out and laid on his belly. Then he told me he wanted to lay down so I went over and let him put his head in my lap. He fell asleep and began running with his legs, lol. Then he sat up so I went and sat down with my back to his belly again. After 5 minutes, he touched me and told me he wanted to lay down again. That time I let him lay on the dirt and I took some pictures with my cell phone. They are not the best, but better than nothing. Also, I don't know if I know how to or if I can upload them onto my computer... Then I laid my head on his neck and we took a nappy. He is so sweet. Misty does not do that with me . But my little Blu-Boo does!!

I left Misty alone, though I might go out and play with her later...

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