Monday, April 26, 2010


Nauseous, heart burn, slightly stressed. I was planning on going to the 2011 Fast Track, but the Red Hot Early Bird savings expire on May 31, while last year, the savings expired in October...I was not prepared for that. I have been building myself up since last fall that I would go to the 2011 course. I have never believed in my "I can do this" so much, and I am just really feeling yucky, now, mentally as well as physically (stomach hurts). I even told my mom this morning that I was definitely going to do it and there was no turning back...her response was "What horse are you taking?" Then I got the email with the application form on it...

I am still not giving up, I just hit a road block and am stopped on train tracks with a train coming my way. I am trying to be reasonable and practical but optimistic. I deserve to go just as much as the next person, I just know it. I wish there was some kind of scholarship program, and maybe, someday, there will be.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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