Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Season!

Last night was my 4h club's first work out meeting of the year. No one came but my family, so that is four girls (My friend Britney, me, and my little sisters, Maggie, and Ellie). Bridget was stressing big time. I was glad that no one else showed up and we were able to completely let Bridget just take in her surroundings and do what she needed to do.

Blu, for the first time since he began going to these workouts, was perfect. I got to play on line with him for as long as I needed and then . . . I was so relaxed. Riding him, he had perfect impulsion, was using his whole body well, and was easy to steer.

Bridget was able to get a hold of herself and she rode in a saddle for the first time since she started Parelli (all this time she has been riding bareback, trying to build up her independent seat).

Trailer loading was great. Conner is taking fewer retreats before he is in happily and my mom is really working with me instead of against me. Over the weekend, she and I really butted heads when I started to pull him out of the trailer to work a sort of reverse psychology angle with him. She was so angry and she huffed off. I tried to stay calm because Conner was depending on me to stay calm. She huffed off to sit in the truck and after a couple minutes, Conner was practically dragging me into the trailer when I let him go in, which was the goal.

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