Friday, April 30, 2010

Something that had to Give Gave

This is my 50th post!!! I have really stuck with this blog (except for a about 10-20 sessions that never got recorded...)!!

Official Records Information:
Blu 1 hour and 3o minutes 4-30-10 evening
Misty 15 minutes 4-30-10 evening

Blu met me at the gate and was very pleasant. I put him on the 22' line and had a plan to use 5 barrels to do weaving on the ground and then while riding. I started with some circles. To say the least, we did many very bad circles--he was on adrenaline, worried, fast, disunited. . . I stepped back and just stood with him for a long time. He snorted a lot, and after a few minutes, he began to ask me to scratch his itchy spots. That was my cue that he emotionally stable again. I yoyoed him in and out a few times and asked him to circle. He jogged very nicely and I asked him to comeback when he completed one circle in that nice, calm, way.

I did a weave with Blu stick to me style, then I drove him through them from the end of the line in zone 3. He did very nicely with that pattern, so I decided to mount up.

I had him step to me, which is really needing more practice as he was not quite sure what I was asking. I did some "bridleless" freestyle (natural hackamore on, but I did not touch the reins) at the walk. I am trusting him more and more, and soon, I think he will be just as trustworthy as Misty is brideless. We walked and trotted through the weave, then, at the end, I directed him to the jump and we popped right over. That was the perfect ending spot, so I took care of him.

As I was finishing up, Misty seemed to beckon me, so I did not just leave, I went and sat on a tire. She came to me and I did not touch her until she touched me. Then I itched the noseeum bumps. She really enjoyed that.

I pointed to the green ball, which was pretty close to us, and she went right to it and touched it. I stayed on the barrel and just kept sending her back to it. Eventually, it was in a position so she would have to turn 180 degrees to push it, so I had to turn her around first. I stayed on the barrel, and with just my hands, managed to get her turned around, but she thought I was spinning her and she came right back. How sweet. Next, I very clearly asked for a spin. Then I made it clear that she was not supposed to spin back to me. Once she touched the ball that time, I left, and she followed. It was a good session.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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