Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last night I had an interesting sleep--I woke up very disoriented, having flipped my head to the other end of the bed. I had the early start I wanted at 5 am. In the cold darkness I hustled down the hill to the lodge with what I hoped was everything I'd need from my cabin.

The shower in the lodge bathroom is tricky, but I have been using it on campfire nights for the past 2 months, so it's not so bad for me. The deal is, it can only be hot or cold. Turn it right and it gets hot; left is cold. The answer is to turn it to hot and back to cold when it changes to too hot. When it gets to cold, turn back to hot. So goes the lodge bathroom shower. I don't know what the outside showers are like, but the space is super tight, so I'd rather master the bathroom's shower.

Breakfast this morning included delicious pastries. I nabbed some food and went up to care for Blu at 7:30. On my way back to the office, I washed my boots up.

The morning started out with blogging, for a few minutes before I asked Genna if Faith and I could get started with putting binders together for the instructor horsemanship course coming in this weekend. So began the epic job of the day! We found the guts of the binders were filed in many places and there were duplicates and expired bits stashed in miscellaneous locations. I will say in short that I first did a lot of copying and printing (the computer files of originals were also quite scattered), then I did a lot of organizing, recycling, and refiling. Next time we make binders, it will be a quick task! We made 26 binders today. Soon we find out if that was enough.

Before our lunch break, Genna, Faith, and I went out to water and feed LeeAnn and Bill's horses. I took care of Rio. Rio was a little pushy at first, so I just shooed him until he came back without trying to push. Walking back to his pen, I was particular about him not pushing into my space. I let him graze a bit before putting him back and feeding him. Then I hustled over to water Blu.

Lunch was super delicious: chicken quesadillas. Faith and I watched a bit of McLeod's Daughters in the office before resuming binder-building at the end of lunch break. It felt so good to finish. The files are looking much better. Hopefully it was a help and not a hindrance to put things into a proper place; at home when I tidy and organize my family can get cranky about missing items hehehe.

My plan for the night's Blu time is to bathe him, take him out to graze, then maybe ride him in the pasture a bit freestyle--just recreational sort of stuff. After such a long day of organizing, I am ready for a recreational ride!

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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