Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stretch Time and Soak Time

Tonight Anna and I hustled home to get ready for a full evening in town. We were going to join Theresa Zenner's yoga class and then go soak at the hot springs.

The yoga class was amazing. In the beginning of the class, Theresa asked us to dedicate our energy for this evening's practice to someone. I picked a friend. I thought about my dedication to that friend throughout the class.

The yoga class moved quickly from pose to pose so it worked cardio at the same time as stretching and flexing. I was really good at stretching, but the hardest parts were supporting positions with my wrist. Focus was extremely important for the balancing positions. My favorite was the tree pose. At the end of the class, we took the position of the corpse with a lavandar cloth over our eyes for a long time. I loved it so much! I was ready for a good soak--my shoulders were tired and everything felt. It didn't feel sore, really, I could just feel everything.

At the hot springs there are several pools spread out in a beautifully landscaped and tiered setting on the river. The atmosphere is very natural and I think I much prefer it at night because the lighting is beautiful. Anna and I ended up in the 102 degree pool with several other Parelli employees and students. It was a Parelli pool!

After such a long day, it was good for my mind, body, and soul to stretch and soak in everything I had learned and felt.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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