Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Final Parelli Games for 2011

This morning I had a rude awakening message. I immediately began to come up with solutions, but they all depended on the cooperation of my friends. It seems that with so little time left to fix things, the answer is going to be separation, and that is really too bad. I can't make anyone want to fix it, though, so I have to accept that I have done all I can. It's hard to stand back and do nothing, but as we learn when building the precision pen, standing back and doing nothing is usually the hardest task of all.

The entire incident--and the other dramas that have risen up over my stay here--have shown me a lot of who I am as a friend and a human being. I like what I have seen and I am happy to be myself. My goal is to keep on keeping on. I hope that I can positively affect those around me so they make changes for the better, but I won't go the extra mile for someone going in the opposite direction. To me, that means that I can't force my friends to put effort into making positive changes; it means I have to just keep on keeping on in my own journey and be ready for the moment any one changes directions to come with me.

I have formed deep bonds with everyone here, some are much stronger than others. I find the stronger ones are the ones that have been tried and come out of the challenge. I hope we all come out of this challenge.

I was going to play in some of the games, but I realize how tired Blu is and since testing is next week, I want to give him space and time to recuperate. I approached his pen only when he was looking at me. He was bothered by something in the bushes so it took me a while to get to him. Once I did, I had a peppermint candy for him. He was excited to get to water and go out to graze. I spotted Mary Anna, a fast tracker from last month, and ran over to hug her. Blu ate while we chatted, then Pete joined us and I hopped on Blu while we chatted. I rode him around with just a set of finesse reins around his neck. We went to the hill by the instructor horse pens where the water drainage makes the grass green. On the way back to the pens, Charity snapped a photo of us. Blu had perfectly perky ears.

I got to watch Anna do the liberty tournament with Pat Parelli's goat, Billy Jean. It was adorable.

Tonight is the final hurrah dinner for the fast track 5 group. I can't believe how fast these weeks go by. I love everyone here and I look forward to seeing all tonight.

I am going to commit now to what I am going to focus on in leiu of feeling hurt and betrayed. In stead, I am going to focus on the friendships I have formed, the personal growth I have made myself and witnessed in others, and the awesome activities planned for this weekend. I make my own reality, and my reality is beautiful.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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