Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dinner with Cats

Tonight we had a blast at dinner with a huge group of students. Tanya Bennet was the only instructor who could make it and she seemed to really enjoy herself. Our group kept growing like a big amoeba (I'm feeling scientific today) but the waitresses did an amazing job keeping up with us. It was tough when our dinner came out bit by bit because the waitresses had to find where their customer was. I watched a waitress go up and down one side of the table looking for the customer who she had taken an order from. When the dinner was going unclaimed, Tanya stood up and clanked her glass announcing "grubs up" to get everyone's attention. The waitress had all of our eyes, now and asked "French Dip on this side of the table."

"Oh! That's mine!" Tanya said. Everyone burst into hysterics.

We talked about policemen and driving tickets for a while and then the conversation switched to the cutting show from that day. One of the fast trackers said she did not know what to say to Pat when he asked her what she learned. Tanya gave us an answer for next time: "Go with stopping in mind. Stop with backing in mind. Back with quality of movement in mind."

At the end of dinner, a couple of adorable feral kittens started watching us on the balcony. I took some of my chicken left over from my delicious thai salad and began feeding them outside. They were so cute and they made me miss my kitties. One of the waiters said there are 8 kittens, but we only saw 5: a black on, two tigers, and two gray seal points. The kittens struck up conversation about our pets at home that we all miss. Although there are so many reasons I don't want to go home, seeing my beloved pets and people is one aspect of going home that is most welcome.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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