Saturday, August 27, 2011

Empty Pens

I woke up early and headed out with Anna and Rachel. Rachel was going to catch a ride with Sylvia to the air port at 7:30, so I had a couple more hours to spend with her. We had a good time and I helped her print off her itinerary so she could get her tickets at the air port. I will miss Rachel so so much.

Actually, a lot of fast trackers left today and I was saying a lot of good byes amongst helping them out in the office. I was in the office alone because it was supposed to be pretty quiet...I had a busy morning, though! A lot of students stopped in with questions and papers to file and problem-solved my way through it all. It was really empowering when I knew the answers right away.

Anna took us home and we watched McLeod's Daughters for several hours before returning at 7 pm to water and feed the horses. The place was deserted. It looked so strange. I remember it looking strange between the last two fast tracks. But this time, a new group of fast trackers were not going to come in the next Monday. This was it. How very strange to see all those empty pens knowing that.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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