Sunday, August 7, 2011

Learning How to be Left Behind

A bit of a dramatic morning with our ride to the ranch was how my day began. I am trying to be in control of what I focus on, so I discarded some thoughts that would not help my situation in any way and focused on cheering up my roommates and relaxing.

After noon, I realized that I had the phone numbers from some of the other carry-on fast trackers. I got a hold of Sue Ellen and she came to our rescue. The horses were very happy to see us. I had an unfortunate run in with Anna during which I voiced my feelings on being left behind. It would seem that my efforts to discard bad thoughts were for nought because I was actually just stuffing all my bad thoughts.

I was quite contemplative of how I should have been thinking. I spent the afternoon with Dani at home taking notes on Parelli material. Dani and I went to the Ranch in the evening and I played with Blu. I had wanted to ride, but I just got to a good place on the ground and put him away. Playing with Blu helped put things into perspective and I finally came to the true realization that everyone was doing the best with what they had. That is the truth I choose to believe.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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