Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Farrier

The farrier was scheduled to come and put new shoes on Blu's fronts and take the shoes off the back. Blu did an even better job than he did last time and his feet look great. He had a couple tugs, but he was asked to keep his foot up for a long time. I set up another appointment with Trevor (farrier) for September.

I had a little bit of time left before the Parelli Games shut down for spotlight, so I warmed Blu up and did the freestyle tournament with him. We were roughing it a bit on some of the tasks, but the externs complimented my patience. It was then that I noted a big part of my growth here has been my self control when it comes to performing a task with my horse.

We watched the spot lights and Blu grazed and made friends with Rachel McMillan. I once again did not make it onto the spotlight list in time, but there is next time, right?

Dani went to Durango with some friends for the weekend and Anna was in town with Faith at the tack store in the morning, but in the afternoon, Rachel and Faith were at the ranch. They caught a ride home with another Parelli student and I stayed. I watched a Robin Hood movie with Karen _______ and Humphrey Dirks, two wonderful Parelli Professionals from overseas. It was a good movie and I was able to help us enjoy the show better by getting the screen brighter. Hehehe.

Anna came and took me home later in the evening after I fed, watered, and cleaned up Dani, Faith, Rachel, and Fliss' horses. It was a really weird feeling being on the ranch so long with so few people there. I was exhausted when we got home. I was hoping to go to the fair for the dance there, but we didn't have enough room in Anna's truck. I was exhausted, though, so I was okay with watching some McLeod's Daughters and going to bed.

Today I learned about the joys of taking care of lots of horses; and I am not being sarcastic! I loved taking care of the horses and being on the ranch all day.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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