Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot Air

One of my favorite parts of being in Colorado is the change of scenery. Even on a bad day, the back drop is range of tree-covered purple mountains and sprawling fences. Today's back drop was even more exciting and it was a great day.

We started focus stations right away this morning because at ten o'clock, we were all riding down to the extern barn where the externs had something to show us. I got Blu ready to ride really quick and then rode to Arena Grande.

I started by riding around doing snaky bends because a hot air balloon was landing in the Parelli pasture down the drive behind the trees. That got Blu worried about the north side of Arena Grande all over again. I did get Blu blowing out and relaxing, but I had to return to getting the rail on that side to be a nice place for him again later.

Next, I played with extending Blu's time that he would hold neutral lateral flexion without reins. We got up to 16 seconds and moved on to the question box. I had him walk, trot, canter, stop, back up, and turn on the haunches. I kept it to the right since that is the side that needs buidling up.

I wanted to try out our cradle bridle out, but as I played with soft feel, I realized his emotions were still too up from the hot air balloon for us to achieve anything. I played follow the rail and cantered him in circles every time he went off the rail. It took a long time for us to make it around once, but by the time we did, he was sticking to the rail and relaxed--and it was time to go see the externs

Blu was second in line after Ryan and Glo. On the way down a hill, he tried to sneak around them, but he only got his nose beyond her tail and I put him back in line. Blu had one pausing moment once we got to unknown territory and I don't think he would have had it if Glo hadn't jumped. The next time Glow jumped, Blu did not have a reaction. I used fluid rein to help relax him as we approached the extern barn. His head got level and he totally relaxed in his gait.

The externs performed in a drill team. They did a great job and it was fun to watch. The 1 and 2 star instructor course students were there, Linda and her students were there, as well as the media team. Ryan told us that the externs were under a lot of pressure to give a great performance because our fast track is so advanced. I thought that was really cool and I think the externs succeeded in giving a performance worthy of our cheers.

I put Blu to bed with his blanket and breakfast before meeting in the lodge to watch some footage of great horsemanship in finesse and freestyle. After lunch, we had freetime and I spent it in the computer room blogging and parelli connecting. On my way back to the lodge for the theory test, a student stopped me to let me know Blu had gotten out and been put into a pen. I could see from the lodge that Blu's coat was not on. Quickly it came to me that I never buckled his front straps and I hoped his coat was not demolished somewhere. I rushed through the theory test (it's okay, I have gotten 100% on it two times, now, so I didn't need to actually take it) and hustled up to check on Blu. I found his coat, still buckled up and put him in his pen to be re-coated then cleaned his pen and gave him dinner. Oh, and he got out of his pen by walking out of the completely open entry/exit spot--I forgot to put up the chain in the morning.

It started pouring and hailing right as we were to begin our tool savvy test. We ran up to the small top and tied knots and threw out our 45s. Sharon bought me some jelly beans on a Parelli Central trip because I asked for a piece of candy from Central and I shared them with everyone until the campfire started. Sharon is so sweet :).

I called Mom and chatted befor leaving the BBQ early. She told me that she found the breeder/owner of Misty and Ginger--or rather, Beth found her. I am so excited to hear more from Beth. I enjoyed talking to Mom and Ellie until we got home.

Today was a nice day, lots of change from the everyday routine. A good day in Parelli Land is always a highlight-of-my-life sort of day.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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