Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodman's is a Good Place

As you begin to read this, I would ask that you smiled. That is how this post is meant to be read.

Yesterday afternoon, I went into town with Julie Cross and Christine Corbridge to put some things in the mail. As I was about to leave, Anna came and whisked me away to take my luggage in the cabin because it looked like a storm was coming. The little golf cart was actually quite impressive as it maneuvered in the rough terrain. My cabin is much bigger than I thought it would be. I was excited to get back and move in properly.

Julie and Chris are 3-star Parelli Professionals, but they are going to be better known to me as a couple of hoots. To say the least, it was very entertaining to go downtown with them. After the post office stop, we went to Goodman's and I nearly died. Keep that smile on your face, I am only going to share how much it kills me to see a lot of potential Christmas gifts for my family and not be able to put cash down, yet. Goodman's was a beautiful shop. They had a nice selection of quality Western wear and lot of unique gift-idea items.

I would like to get everyone their presents, here. This is a very special place and I don't see why I shouldn't spend the money here. I have to remember that I have to pack it and take it home, but otherwise, it's kind of a given. I am going to wait until after the performance summit, though because I might want to buy some things there.

Dinner was quick because I wanted to run out and play with Blu after I unpacked my stuff. I had a great time with Blu in the small coverall doing liberty and bridleless riding with the ball. His transitions were so light and I used what I learned from Ray Hunt in the morning; in stead of upping my phases when he didn't follow my body to change gait, I just maintained it and he got the picture. Aaaahhh!

In the evening, Mariah Helms and I headed up to our cabins together. We were both trying to get to the cabins before the sun's light was completely out. On the way up, we laughed about mountain lion and bear fears mixed with overactive imaginations. When we parted ways, she was kind enough to lend me her little flashlight for the night.

My parting thought for Monday is the views I have from my cabin's porch. The mountains, the sunset, my horse down the hill, the birds hopping in the brush.

Natural Horsewoman Out.

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